Installation of Australian Characters

2007 September 13

Australian Characters… Due in large part to early colonisation Australia has one of the most culturally diverse populations on the planet, Prior to anyone arriving in the country it was gainfully inhabited by mainly nomadic and largely peaceful aboriginal tribes, it wasn’t until Captain Cook landed his ship in Botany Bay [now a suburb of Sydney] in 1770 and therein opening the floodgates for ship loads of thieves and reprobates in quantities too large for the prisons systems of Great Britain that everything changed. Nowadays the wiry smile, the quick wit and steel handshake are firmly ingrained across all cultural ethnicities in cities, country towns and stations. This small collective of West Australian artists are well versed in these characters and it’s these wider known [to us] and lesser known [to you] depictions of our country we bring, the characters, the larrikins, the dark & disturbed, it’s another view of our wide brown country, one we’re more comfortable with. Stormie Mills. September 2007 these images taken by Amanda Shelsher

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