Three; Installation

2007 December 22

An exhibition by Stormie Mills. It comes as no surprise that while in the process of painting buildings you become intimately involved in examining their structure; the dust, grime and ultimately the building itself. My work transcribes these textural qualities, creating further layering, embellishing surfaces with more additions. At times, even removing layers of texture. Sometimes the buildings become the work, other times they are a part of it. This collection of surface works has no clear methodology, but can be followed along lines such as: detritus is found, examined and discarded or retained according to potential. Much in the way sculptors’ believe that they “release” the form from the block of marble, I find an image within layers of the found object, its reference to its former existence or usage, remains important to the final piece. The essence of a layered work is much the same to me as a name written in dust. It wouldn’t be possible without this build up as a visual marker to its former glory and subsequent neglect. Not unlike the calcification of a tree root becoming a petrified forest or the process of creation on a scuttled war ship that eventually becomes a reef structure. The work that has been created for this show has followed three distinct paths, figurative, text based and landscapes. In terms of application of medium to surface, and in considering how and what it is that I am about to do stylistically, I follow a pattern of design, examination of surface, application and adaptation of surface tension toward a final result. Whilst this can be said of many street based works, in this exhibition several of these pieces examine this element in detail and this, for me is where the three paths separated. Some are inspired through reading poetry, others illustrations of emotions, from rage, isolation and self-examination, to social voyeurism and comment through to the elusive textural representation and handstyles. This is my third solo show.

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