Loss+Endings=Fish. Installation

2008 November 1

In an Article for The New Yorker in July 2005 [Death of a fi sh], Adam Gopnik wrote that “the real proof of consciousness is the pain of loss”. Young children are often given fish as pets, trial and error to teaching them about life and death & responsibility, so that perhaps as they grow older the passing of the family dog will be understood at a greater level a precursor to the deity of dying & rising or the life-death-rebirth deity. Fish for me are a very strong symbol of life’s fragility, often experienced through a child’s eyes for the first of many times to come. For me, tradition has dictated that icons are assigned meanings, some of which have been reappropriated & reassigned from symbols of peace to symbols of war, marks of shame have been reborn as marks of respect, as I started to deconstruct my work, my compositions I began to look at the symbols that I’ve used repeatedly, to accentuate meaning to a characters action, to take something further from loneliness or isolation to sadness & melancholy or a sense of loss. With symbols fire can equate to life, but does that mean a burnt match has been just used, or has it’s short life passed and it is in our sense no longer with us. My examination & illustration of the human condition is something that I’ve done for a long time, and will continue to do so but, as will the assignment of meaning to colours that I’ve used for many years [grey=concrete, black=dirt, white=the attempt to remove dirt, silver=dreams] I’ve looked at the introduction of colours “spot” colour to draw attention to difference, to denote changes or symbolise what could be. The last two canvases I painted for my first solo exhibition I didn’t start with a sketch or an idea I just commenced painting, even the resultant works were “untitled” is was symbolic for me, a lot of the subject matter in that exhibition was auto-biographic, & needed to be left behind, those last two pieces were about the future, in order to move forward you have to let the past go, but this process is never ending, it is for me the epitome of the human endeavor & one of the reasons that celebrates beauty masked by the layers of life. www.lkgalleries.com.au

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