there once was a land full of laughing trees

2009 August 16

In the mid to late 1980’s the site on the corner of Roe & Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge was a conglomeration of small sawtooth warehouses. On the side of one of the warehouses written in paint amongst other things were the words “there once was a land full of laughing trees” many people travelling by train from Perth to Fremantle [the Joondalup line not yet being in existence] can recall this phrase. In 1984 artist Peter Clemesha two print based works based on this text titled “Land of plenty” and another print of actual graffiti itself titled “Rural romanticism continued”. Whether this graffiti was written by Peter Clemesha or members of the CSNF is unsure however both of these prints are now in the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia Mid 1986 saw the continuation of graffiti letters begin to take over this space predominately by some of Perth's pioneers of this art-form Deli & Dolby. Whilst i used as a kid hide paint in these warehouses prior to urban adventures in 1985 i did ever paint them, i am however intimately aware of their history. The old warehouses “saw-toothed” rooflines, the trees & urban landscape itself whose longevity is eternally in question in the heart of any city, as the ongoing redevelopment & latter demise heralded often by the development of graffiti & its urban text. The final work comments on the this growth of our city & it’s society for a observational perspective as seen by the magpie-men. Stormie Mills.

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