100 X 150 installation

2010 March 8

150x100 gives an intimate insight into Stormie’s visits to New York between 1986 and 2009. It offers a glimpse into the City that never sleeps as seen from Stormie’s unique perspective of observation of the human condition. As a 16 year old in New York City, Stormie witnessed the end of the train painting era which has remained with him as a major influence on his work. At the same time as this was taking place the City was also experiencing an explosion of the Street Art movement which has gone on to become a unique part of New York’s cultural fabric. Key figures and work to influence Stormie at the time included “Staff TC5” and “A-One’s” semi-abstracted figures in handball courts, Keith Haring’s chalk drawings on unleased advertising spaces in the subway stations and John Fekner’s stencilled statements on abandoned buildings. Jenny Holzer’s billposted truisms through the City and spontaneous sculptures erected in abandoned lots transforming the City into a giant gallery space were all instrumental in inspiring much of Stormie’s work in years to follow. ‘Summer in the Bronx’ reflects the South Bronx through the eyes of Stormie as a teenager travelling on the train. In others, inanimate objects iconic to New York are represented for their role in giving a sense of soul to the City. Gritty urban icons such as The Central Park Snack Shops, Yellow Cabs and Phone Boxes are set alongside Stormie’s characters to reflect the relationship between these inanimate objects and human interaction “In many ways I see parallels between these isolated objects and people in terms of impacting on our perceptions of a City. Like people they add character and layers to your journey. They experience interspersed, fleeting human interaction that over time, gives them a sense of place and belonging in the environment.” 150x100 depicts Stormie’s postcards from New York captured over a period of 25 years. www.lkgalleries.com.au

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