Cuverville Island, Port Lockeroy & Jougla Point

2011 January 9

Cuverville Island is the site of a large Gentoo Penguin rookery. The Island was used heavily as a flensing area during the 1920's, as a result there are several whale vertebra, ribs & jawbones scattered around the beach. Port Lockeroy is a natural harbor located on the western side of Wiencke Island in the Palmer Archipelago. After its discovery in 1930 it was mainly used by whalers. In February 1944 the British established "Base A" on Goudier Island, the earliest example of a British scientific research station in the Antarctic Peninsula. At Jougla Point, a rocky peninsula at the western end of Wiencke Island, a lot of whale bones are found, amongst which the Gentoo Penguins have made a living. Take from "The Chronicles" by Robin West Expedition Leader, Prince Albert II.

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