reins [ will stoker & matt doust ]

2011 January 13

Thu Jan 13 2011 - Wed Jan 19 2011 Reins is a multi-media collaboration between artist Matt Doust and musician Will Stoker, a personal dialogue to be presented within the walls of Free Range gallery. Through the submergence of painting, music, video projection and performance, Doust and Stoker aim to thematically explore/ highlight the concept of control as practiced/applied to dichotomous impulses within the human mind. Doust and Stoker view a metaphoric holding of the reins as integral to human existence and employ various mediums to express the experience of this conceptual constraint; delving into the idea that mental and physical activity is in a continual flux of self-censorship that inevitably culminates in an anaesthetised state of awareness. “…During the conscious state we glance at our signifiers which remind us to behave: but when we lay our head down to slumber, the subconscious mind is at the helm, taking us on a voyage in the dream state, from white clouds to lakes of fire.”

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