the Three Perfections

2011 May 5

The "Three Perfections" -painting, poetry & calligraphy – embody the highest visual, philosophic & aesthetic ideals of Chinese art. Of these, however, calligraphy is the most esteemed in that it combines the intellectual & moral dimensions of content with the emotive & visual qualities of painting. Calligraphy expresses both meaning, in the written character & spirit, in the flourish of the brush & ink, while together, the Three Perfections capture the spirit of nature & its forces. I an 11th-century text on painting, Huashanshui Lu ["treatise on painting"], a young painter asks an old sage, "What is likeness & what is truth?" The sage replies, "Likeness can be obtained by shapes without spirit, but when truth is obtained, both spirit through ornamental beauty will make dead things".

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