"Gathering" Installation

2011 May 14

Gathering A solo exhibition by Stormie Mills 12 – 26 May 2011 Linton & Kay Contemporary Gallery is proud to present Gathering, an exhibition of new works by renowned Australian artist Stormie Mills. “Keith had no traditional training as a musician and for him the creative process involved just going into a studio and starting to work. That’s what I liked but I’d never painted a show that way,” said Stormie. Reading Keith Richard’s autobiography Life, Stormie became intrigued by the music legends creative process and wanted to explore this in context of his own work. He was inspired by the way Keith talked about how his influences impacted on his feelings; such as when Keith heard Elvis’ “heart break hotel” for the first time. The intellectual curiosity and fearlessness that informed Richard’s work was an inspiration to Stormie. Rarely entering a recording studio with anything more than an attitude or feeling for a song he created magic through his passion for music. This idea of working without preconceived boundaries or expectations and being able to exist in the moment with the work is what has fuelled the idea of “Gathering”. Starting a canvas with nothing more than a feeling, Stormie listened to early rock ‘n roll immersing himself in the moment with a smattering of gathered images to form the exhibition. Stormie drew on the sense of freedom that he experiences from painting walls where there are very few boundaries but an intense need to create something that communicates with the space. “I decided to just start painting with no real emphasis on direction. Once you start a painting you’re held hostage to it. It controls you and everything that you do. You become a slave to it. I wanted to challenge this be creating a body of work that expressed a moment in time.” The story of Keith Richard, rock’s ultimate survivor, resonates with Stormie’s characters which seek to uncover and express the hero within each of us. Linton & Kay Contemporary 123 Hay Street Subiaco West Australia 6008

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