Scuffling; Installation

2011 August 2

SCUFFLING A process of applying paint to canvas a cross between a shuffle and a scrape; a subtlety of movement a sense of motion. The idea of scuffling is the inspiration behind the latest body of work by Australian artist Stormie Mills. He has continued his exploration of human fragility through this new body of work that give further insight to his intriguing characters. “Scuffling as a way of painting seems to fit well with the sounds I imagine my paintings would make if they were to walk. I imagine they’d scuffle along, a cross between a shuffle and a scrape very much like the way I paint them.” With a career that spans over 20 years Mills has been cited as one of Australia’s most collectable street artists. First and foremost his work is about an observation of the human spirit and his capacity to see what lies between with an almost psychic observation of people’s feelings and emotions. Painting with an insatiable passion Stormie is fuelled by a never ending desire to understand and explore humanity in the pursuit to understand what drives our deepest desires and emotions. Scuffling is about the perpetual motions of like that drives our existence which is revealed when you scratch below the surface.

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