For Against & the Truth: Installation

2011 October 26

For, Against & the Truth, A group show at Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth Western Australia. 20 October 2011 till 2 November 2011. Curated by Stormie Mills. Artists: AmandaLynn [San Francisco], Kenton Parker [Los Angeles], Darren Henderson [Melbourne], Jaybo Monk [Berlin], Jade Palmer [Melbourne], John Fekner [NYC], Jordan Seiler [NYC], Marco Grassi [Milan], Matt Doust [Perth], Remi Rough [London]. For, Against & the Truth is based on the premise that there are three sides to every story; for, against and the truth. Each artist has created self portraits from three different perspectives, how you see yourself, how you think others see you and an honest account of yourself, a "naked" truth of who they are. Stormie Mills 2010. All photographs by James Rogers.

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