La Compagnie du Hanneton "Raoul" Written and performed by Ja

2012 February 24

James Thiérrée sweeps you into a fantasy world of shape-shifting illusion, slapstick humour, startling beauty and melancholic whimsy that leaves you asking, 'how did he do that?' "Raoul" returns to a home upended, and quite possibly possessed. to keep domestic life from unravelling completely, he goes toe-to-toe with a surreal collection of adversaries - everything from hostile appliances to giant jellyfish to a face in the mirror with plans of its own. Are these manifestations of an untethered mind or something more sinister? James Thiérrée (La Veillée des Abysses) is a performer of rarefied lineage. His Compagnie du Hanneton has won four Moliere Awards, France's highest achievement in theatre.

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