influences come in the strangest of ways

2012 March 5

Juice 126 & TeeRoc Ghosties North Wales 14 July 1990. Juice 126 & TeeRoc I first met in Birmingham, in Selly Oak in 1989 at the first Ikonoklast meeting but had a huge influence on me, Juice for his radical approach to the use of a spraycan, his work extended what I understood of the use of a spraycan & was & still a friend & a massive influence on me. TeeRoc was a master way before his time he was able to take a simple "mugsy" character & create a narrative in colour that surpassed an illustration of the battle circles & dance floor wars of the day. Little did I know that these colourful tales told a much deeper & sadder story, but the many trips to Birmingham we took are memories that I hold dear, TeeRoc Rest in Peace. This one photograph of Twist i was given at the Blueprint Gallery in Selly Oak, Birmingham many years ago this singular image reshaped my work in so many ways it is still one of the benchmarks i hold up when i want to assess whether what i'm doing is resolved enough to be "almost complete". Stormie Mills.

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