"Whence is a field of water"

2012 April 6

"Whence is a field of water" Stormie Mills. Acrylic, dirt, spray paint, graffiti remover & oil on canvas. H1010mm x W800mm. April 2012. "From whence you came" & "Whither art thou bound?" Equally an enigma is the answer we give it. Simple as the question appears, they search every nook and cranny and sound every depth of every philosophy, every mythology, every theology, and every religion that has ever been propounded anywhere by anybody at any time to explain human life. The problems of the origin and destiny of mankind; the question lies at the foundation of all the thinking and of all the activities of man. All our better impulses, all our loftier aspirations, all our faiths, all our longing for and striving after a nobler state of existence, either in this or a future life, are but an attempt to answer this question. The supreme question which men have been asking themselves and each other ever since men were able to think and to talk, and they are the questions which men will continue to ask oftenest and most anxiously until the time when we are promised that we shall know even as we are known.

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