ANZAC Day & my Grandad

2012 April 25

My Grandad wasn't an Anzac, but I remember him telling me as a kid that he'd spent a bit of time during the war with some Aussies in Egypt & that they were "good sorts with a good sense of humor". In fact it's the only thing he ever said to my about that time of his life, he had a way of remembering the good things & being thankful for what he had that I will always admire. Gramps joined the Army in 1940 the Royal Suffolk Regiment & went into the Infantry Signal Section of S-Company for 12 months before transferring to the Royal Corps of Signals as a driver/mechanic. In 1941 he was posted overseas & set sail for an unknown destination when the ship he was on was torpedoed in the North Atlantic, a brief stint in Canada for hull repairs before they again set sail, destination Egypt. In Egypt he joined the 10th Armoured Division & in turn transferred to the 22nd Armoured Brigade moving up to Palestine & back to Egypt in o the Western Desert, were he was then attached to the Mighty 7th Armoured Division know nowadays as "The Desert Rats" by this time he was also a full Corporal. In 1941 he was lucky to esscape Tobruk undere siege by the german army to take part in the battle of El Alamein. Then he advanced through Libya to join the 1st British Army. It wasn't until 1945 that he returned home to the UK, 6 months later being "demobbed" with – the 1939-1945 Star, the "African Star" [with the clasp of the 8th Army], the Defence & War Medal. Rest In Peace.

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