The death of someone dear...

2012 May 9

"When life has been ripped to pieces by the death of someone dear & central to it, you should not be surprised or ashamed of your reactions". Sarah Morris [from the book Grief & how to live with it.] 26th September 2004, one of my best friends Jason Tanner died from a massive heart attack caused by using meth-anphetamine or ice. Jason had had addiction problems in the past but with support & love of family & friends had overcome them for many years. As he was often prone to say of his own past "bad associations break useful habits" & saying became prophetic & true of how his death came to be. Today the 9th of May would have been his 40th birthday. Years later with his sister & a few close friends we'll raise a glass & toast our dear friend's 40th, the work of mourning requires that you weaken & finally break every tie to the past & every expectation for the future which binds you to the person you have lost. This does not mean that you forget, but that you can remember without the emotions of grief tearing you apart as they did earlier. Jason you are still missed, love Stormie & Melissa.

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