Salon de Norte Societe

2012 June 24

Primary Projects presents Salon de Notre Société ("Salon") -- an ambitious group exhibit spotlighting the painting, photography, sculpture and installation of more than 46 artists. An intricate montage of works never-before-seen and previously shown at the gallery, Salon is a nod to the historical "Salon des Refusés" of Paris. Curators Books IIII Bischof, Chris Oh and Typoe pay homage to 'outsiders,' honor raw talent and showcase pieces one atop the other in a style reminiscent of 17th and 18th century exhibitions in France. With Salon, a mash-up of 400+ works by breakout and established artists will hang closely next to each other covering the large majority of wall space at Primary Projects. This exhibition will focus on affordable pieces, which with time, are anticipated to grow in value. Primary Projects has been hailed for its keen ability to collaborate with artists at seminal points of their careers, and for Salon, feature a selection that is as much about potential as it is about breaking and revisiting the mold as a point of reference. Participating artists include -- Bask, Nick Arehart, Autumn Casey, Fernando Garcia, Lawrence Gipe, Lu Gold, Felice Grodon, Douglas Hoekzema, Boris Hoppek, Miru Kim, Nick Klein, Charles Krafft, Anthony Lister, Catalina Jaramillo, Michael Loveland, Jel Martinez, Stormie Mills, Emmett Moore, Edouard Nardon, Larry Newberry, Joe Cinnante, Sarah Newberry, Andrew Nigon, Jessy Nite, Jeffrey Noble, Lori Nozick, Brandon Opalka, Gustavo Oviedo, Kenton Parker, Christina Pettersson, Luis Pinto, Manny Prieres, Metro Zu, Nicholas Arehart, Melanie Ratcliff, Rebeca Raney, Evan Robarts, Johnny Robles, Jonathan Rockford, Samantha Salzinger, Shelter Serra, Scott Shannon, Magnus Sodamin, Karen Starosta-Gilinski, Cole Sternberg, Tatiana Suarez, Jill Weisberg, Antonia Wright and Noa Yafe.Primary Projects Gallery, Wynwood Design District Miami USA

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