"step on a crack" tattoo

2012 July 5

Its hard for me to say anything about Stormie's work as I believe it speaks for itself but what I have always admired is how rare it is to find someone who can create not only amazing art and such a great atmosphere within the work but manage to create something new and real. Not only does it stand alone, but he has created something timeless away from trends which is why personally I think it translates so well as a tattoo. Within the atmopshere he creates I have found many people can attach their own feelings and emotions to his work which is where the apppeal of wanting them as a tattoo comes from. Since meeting Stormie its his humble approach to what he does that has been so inspiring to me. Its inspiring to know that it is possible to still create something unique and that people will open there minds to it. Tattoo Artist Ryan Smith.

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