Goodbye Gran

2012 December 11

Dear Gran I guess this will be the last time I write to you now, now you are gone, over the years I've come to visit it was always difficult to say goodbye, it never got easier, but it was, as with Gramps inevitable, with this go so many other things that I always knew one day would end, the squeak of the gate at Princess Road, knowing you would be there to hug me & hold my face close, as if inspecting me, making sure it was me, wanting to see as much as your eyes could take in, you were always there & would always listen. We shared time, precious time, time we are all so grateful for. You loved us all, held us all with love & built a loving family around you, I'm sorry I have to write to say goodbye, it's a tyranny of distance that we grew up with, but it also made the time we had together so special, it magnified things, made us get down to what we needed to say quickly, honestly & with love, so it's with love I write & say goodbye Gran, give my love to Gramps. Love Stormie.

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