"The fighters"

2013 July 23

It can be a hard place this town, lot's of people have got a story of tough times; painting this wall alone, I met a guy who said he used to be a truck driver but was now homeless, a kid who was sent here from Wyoming to live with his Grandma because he was getting into trouble there, another guy chatted to me about all things whilst sipping a beer from the broken phone booth & as it got dark I watched as a homeless guy searched & ate from the bins in the gas station next to the wall I was painting. So many people stopped to say thank you for coming to their town to paint murals, they just want anything, anything to pin their hopes on, praying that it will bring about a change to their lives & their city. There is a dignity though in their words, a sense of tenacity I haven't felt for a while, that if we keep going & hoping somethings will get better. Somehow being here on my own it's got a greater resonance, it's not anything new to me I've seen this & worse before, but it made me acutely aware once again of how lucky I really am, to have lived through what I have seems nothing anymore, to have the people in my life that I do & to live where I do. Everything can be hard at times & everyone has their own struggles but here it feels like its all laid bare, there isn't anyone to catch you here if you fall... #richmondmuralproject presented by ArtWhino.

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