"If only I could change the ending for you"

2013 October 8

I read a quote this morning by Adrian Searle that seemed to sum up the recalcitrant of convention that was the Matt Doust I knew "All culture is mainstream now that everything is on the internet". Matt came to live the life of the artist & a poet, growing from in his own words from "the skinny kid whose backpack was too big for his body" into one of the sweetest, most talented & amazing men I know. I've known that this day to say goodbye was coming for a few weeks now, but searching for the right words to say goodbye to such a dear friend, that can rationalise this tragedy had seemed futile, there's no reason that I can comprehend that Matt should have been taken from us, like this, so soon, it's just sad, a sadness that at times becomes anger & breathes into a rage at the injustice of the world. I can imagine, if I'd had the chance I'd have asked Matt, "Why couldn't this ending be rewritten?" as editors do to the words of writers. But then I look around this gallery & see the reflections of his works in the sadness of his friends & families eyes & I think in a way Matt knew. It's why he did live in the moment, why the paintings came first, why his prolific talent & love was so special, he needed to leave us with so much. We keep people alive in our hearts by talking about them & Matt has left us all with plenty of good stories to tell. So with the sadness of a goodbye, we will always smile having known such an amazing & inspiring man, we love you Matt. Stormie & Melissa.

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