"who the f??k said you could paint this?"

2014 May 7

I understand progress, I’m all for it. I understand we exist in a constantly changing world, I embrace changes, I also believe that some people think it’s okay to do what they want to others in their pursuit of money & I’m against that, especially when it’s linked to such injustices. I was only thinking this morning after driving past Ross’s Salvage in Maylands, an iconic place that’s being pulled down for development & has for years been a spot that has had a variety of ever changing graffiti on it, how at times things can seem so futile, how many people that did graffiti there got caught? What happened to them? How did it effect their lives? & now the building is being knocked down, all over, gone & that graffiti, those coats of paint as well. So to see a developer paint over a wall without permission, to lose a character on a wall that’s not being knocked over just plain stinks! So now the plot thickens: after making a few phone calls it appears that the developers next door signed a document saying that they give permission to the City of Vincent to paint the wall [not all of it I might add, just the bottom band, the usual portion poorly executed] this is so the WA Police Force are planning to set up a sting operation on the wall starting the 12th of May & the wall will have Police Officers watching it so they can arrest people! I haven’t given permission for any of this, this is insanity, given what I was thinking this morning this is a complete trip! I don’t want anyone busted for painting my wall, I’ll go out there & paint it myself, it’s my wall. The person from The City of Vincent I spoke to this morning said she was sorry but she had a form signed by the developers so that they could do this paint out, the Police have set up themselves to create new offenders & I’m left feeling sick to the stomach! I think I’m going to repaint the wall starting on the 12 of May, if you want to help me protest this madness come down, we’ll have a paint party… Stormie

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