"Raz tells a story at Aunty's in Albany"

2014 May 19

"Raz tells story at Aunty's in Albany" documentation from the Freedom Run 2013. Stormie Mills. Acrylic, dirt, spray paint, graffiti remover & oil on canvas. H920mm x W1220mm. May 2014. Every year for the last 4 years we’ve ridden throughout the South West of WA, always making a stop at “Aunty’s” farm in the hill overlooking Albany, last year I decided that I’d take a sketchbook & document some of the journey, focussing on the friends I was travelling with. These trips are always full of tales & stores some true most embellished but often funny either about incidents that happen along the way or thoughts that rattle around in our helmets as be cruise along the backroads. The arrival at our destination, & break from the road, time to talk, this painting captures one of those moments.

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