2014 June 17

For me personally, I’m not terribly worried about something getting painted over, it happens, its happened to so much stuff it’s part of the transient nature of painting walls, I’ve always thought that nothing lasts forever especially in that forum, but what does concern me is the arrogant jack-booted attitude the WA Police took in their defence of the situation, unlike the Mayor, they aren’t leaders, they aren’t capable at the least of admitting they made a mistake & at worst someone in their organisation did something wrong, because the fact is the wall belongs to Melissa & I, not to anybody else. Add to this the deplorable idea that setting that space up as a sting operation, for entrapment, when there are so many offences being committed in this area were people are physically hurt & they think that chasing kids with spray cans is a good use of taxpayers money? I had to make a personal stand, hence the title of the subsequent work “the passing of freedom” in this City we are slowly & quietly having our personal freedoms eroded, the police think that they are in some sort of war with the very people they are employed to protect, their training & programming is out of touch with reality & the abuse of the laws is making what is one of the greatest places in the world to live intolerable, it’s the thin end of the wedge. Examine the way the police talk about laws, they way they use language as a way to exercise fear & control over people, I find it very concerning. We’re not like America here we don’t have a constitution written to protect our personal freedoms, the police & government create laws, without consultation, its like some Orwellian nightmare, the laws are being changed on the big barn as they did in "Animal Farm”…

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