"Dziekuje" ["the thank you"]

2016 September 9

"dziękuję" (the thank you) Created for @urbanforms as part of the City of Lodz festival "Energy of the City" this piece was created on Mlynarska Street in Baluty, this is where the painful history developed. During WW2 Baluty was the Jewish ghetto, from here approximately 250,00 people lost their lives when they were transported from Baluty to Auschwitz, at the end of the war only 877 people remained. Nothing can be done to turn back the tide on those horrors but the people that now live in Baluty have a spirit & kindness underwritten by a strength, perhaps this is why these two "lost giants" seem to have found each other in this place, a place with such a history of sadness, but a strength within their bond that they can face their history. Many thanks to @urbanforms @centrumdialogu the people of Baluty & the City of Lodz.

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