"the scribbled whispers"

2016 December 6

'the scribbled whispers evolved into a riot of disappointment...' Stephen Peter Mills. a follow up to '1000 poems' where as in the original poem the writer is trying to communicate the idea that they have all these emotions they have to share but needs the help of another person to release them, the poems cannot be released without some pain but the writer hopes that the pain will be worth the outcome in a therapeutic sense. However, in the follow-up poem we see that the writer has slowly built up the momentum in his voice and ideas (scribbled whispers) to the point where they have become out of his control and rather than being 'cut loose' as in '1000 poems' they have rather 'exploded' from within (a riot). The writer has been so consumed with the idea of poetry as a therapy that he has lost all sense of why he began writing in the first place, and is therefore wrapped in disappointment and frustration. transferable as a metaphor for the idea of trying our best in life but always coming up against various hurdles and situations beyond our control...

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