notes on Vulnerability

2017 August 17

It feels like I'm having a nervous breakdown, all of a sudden, out of the blue, this feeling comes over me, it's a feeling of doom. I get dizzy, light-headed & feel like i can't breathe. Won't go on vacation, won't get on a plane, won't go out at night, won't, won't, won't. The primary feeling associated with Vulnerability is anxiety, you both exaggerate the risk of danger & minimise you own capacity to cope. What if? Health & Illness: perhaps you were sick a lot as a child, so now you have an exaggerated fear of sickness. Danger: you see the world as fraught with danger every turn, you are continually tense & vigilant. Poverty: you are always worried about money, you are unrealistically afraid you will go broke& end up on the street. Catastrophic thinking is at the core of the Vulnerability life trap. Your childhood environment did not seem safe physically/emotionally/financially. Gradually stop your escapes, your intuition is wrong because it is ruled by your life trap. my superstitions are a burden. journey back to life. "rehearse for success & safety"

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