"Empathic self-confrontation"

2018 January 3

A philosophy of change. The process of change is a difficult one, we wish there were some way to fully prepare you for the ups & downs of growing. We want you to expect change to be an erratic process, like dancing, its one step forward, two steps back. We believe that we all have a part of ourselves that wants to be happy & fulfilled. Our inherited temperament, along with our early family & peer experiences create powerful forces that act against change. However, whilst our childhood histories create strong obstacles to change, they do not make change impossible. Seven basic assumptions: 1 We believe. 2 Several basic needs will lead us to be happier if they are satisfied. 3 People change in basic ways. 4 We will change if we make a conscious decision to. 5 We need to feel the pain to grow. 6 Not everyone changes the same way. 7 Change is not just the absence of life traps, it would be like getting on a plane without knowing its destination, we need a blueprint. Show compassion for yourself, empathic self confrontation.

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