2018 February 4

More often, yet not often enough, I look back at things, perhaps to reminisce, sometimes to analyse or more broadly to re-look at a period of time, of when things were done, it says a lot about that time, the maker, the work & the materials. This work was created by John Fekner in 2007 for an exhibition I curated, the show title: "For Against & the Truth" the premise of the works being that there is 3 sides to every story; For Against & the Truth. Everyone involved was asked to produce 3 works, 3 self portraits based on these 3 perspectives, the detail of this work by John Fekner [2007] still captivates me, sent rolled up the work itself is huge! I remember fondly getting a call from John, apologising profusely about the size of the work & "what have I done to my friend sending such a big piece" & me laughing, pleased that he'd referred to me as his friend & caring about the scale of the work because his work to me is big & important. So with the help of Danny from Unit 44, [who was here at the time also] decided that the blue construction boards that surround building work sites in NYC is what John's work should be pasted onto, not the least because when I first became aware of John & his PIC Don's works they were located on the sides of dilapidated buildings in the South Bronx, but also because those & his works need to be big & commanding, they are short sentences on big issues. But for me even the smallest details for me in that work those layers, the hand work the palate of colour & the memories that that time evokes, wow, this is special & it's locked into a painting. Thank you again John. love Stormie

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