"The doers - Logan Hicks"

2018 November 8

"The doers - Logan" Stormie Mills, mixed media on found object, H5055mm x W390mm, November 2018. i f you are here then you may know i am a bit of a "bower bird" with images; things i like take pictures of, find, draw, like lists they are collected & filed some for just me, some for sharing, some for inspiration or ideas, some for something i have no idea yet! Logan has always been a monumental character for me, he welcomed me into a project very special to him & known to very few, less even talked about he is for me, a "doer" he works hard, takes his time to evolve his work, in as i see it incremental special thought steps, he takes risks, he builds layers, he is travelling & being an artist in our modern & oft dangerous or less empathetic world, it's been a pleasure to know him & watch him become more of who he is.

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